The award lecture is given in memory of Prof. Bob Hay, a pioneer of macrocyclic chemistry in the UK. This prestigious lecture is given annually at MASC by a younger chemist working in the area of macrocyclic and/or supramolecular chemistry in its widest sense. The trophy will be presented in Edinburgh by last year’s winner, Prof. Dave Adams (Liverpool).

Previous Winners:

2015      Dave Adams (Liverpool)

2014      Oren Sherman (Cambridge)

2013      Jonathan Nitschke (Cambridge)

2012      Andrew Wilson (Leeds)

2011      Lee Cronin (Glasgow)

2010      David Smith (York)

2009      Stephen Faulkner (Oxford)

2008      Jonathan Steed (Durham)

2007      James Tucker (Birmingham)

2006      Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson (Trinity College Dublin)

2005      Neil Champness (Nottingham)

2004      Philip Gale (Southampton)

2003      Harry Anderson (Oxford)

2002      Michael Hannon (Birmingham)

2001      Michael Ward (Sheffield)