MASC 2016, Edinburgh 15th-16th December 2016

Download the Programme in PDF: masc-2016-programme-final-updated

Program Outline – Thursday 15th December

9.00-10.25                    Registration and Coffee

10.25-10:30        Welcome

Session Chair: Dr. James Cooper

10.30-11.00        Invited Talk 1: Dr. Scott Dalgarno (Heriot-Watt)

                              Calixarene-supported clusters

11.00-11.15        Flash Talk 1: Dr. Timothy Barendt (Oxford)

                              Anion recognition-induced molecular motion

11.15-11.45        Invited Talk 2: Dr. Euan Kay (St. Andrews)

                              Dynamic Covalent Nanoparticle Building Blocks: Controlling Functionalization, Properties, and Assembly

11.45-12.00        Flash Talk 2: Dr. María Mayoral (Autónoma de Madrid)

                              Noncovalent Synthesis of Hydrogen-bonded Macrocyclic Assemblies from a DNA Base Toolkit

12.00-12.30        Invited Talk 3: Prof. Steve Archibald (Hull)

                                        Targeted positron emission tomography imaging: using macrocyclic chelators to optimise protein binding in vivo

12.30-13.30        Lunch

Session Chair: Dr. Nick White

13.30-13.45        Industrial Talk: Dr. Marcus Winter (Rigaku)

13.45-14.00        Flash Talk 3: Dr. Sander Wezenberg (Groningen)

                              Dynamic control of anion binding affinity and selectivity in a bis-urea receptor

14.00-14.45        Plenary Lecture 1: Prof. Sally Brooker (Otago)

                              Triangles, guest sensors and active ROP catalysts

14.45-15.05        Coffee

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Max von Delius

15.05-15.25        Invited Talk 4: Prof. Andrew Wilson (Leeds)

                              Proteomimetics: Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions and Beyond

15.25-15.55        MASC PhD Silver Award Lecture

15.55-16.40        Plenary Lecture 2: Prof. Mitsuhiko Shionoya (Tokyo)

                              Metal-based Supramolecular Array, Space and Motion

16.40-17.00        Coffee

Session Chair: Dr. Barry Blight

17.00-17.30       Plenary Lecture: Dr. Scott Cockroft (Edinburgh)

                             Quantifying hydrogen bonds & weak interactions using folding molecules

17.30-18.00       Plenary Lecture: Prof. Philip Gale  (Southampton)

                             Selectivity in Anion Transport

18.00-20.00        Poster session 1

21.00                    Conference Dinner

Program Outline – Friday 16th December

 Session Chair: Dr. Mark Symes

9.30-9.45            Flash Talk 4: Dr. Vicente Martí-Centelles (Edinburgh)

                              Activation of Encapsulated Guests by Coordination Capsules for Catalytic Applications

9.45-10.15                    Invited Talk 5: Prof. Jonathan Steed (Durham)

                              Gel-Based Approaches to Novel Solid Forms

10.15-11.00        Plenary Lecture 3: Prof. Neil Champness (Nottingham)

                              Molecular Organisation: Working with Molecules on the Nanoscale

                                        Sponsored by Chem

11.00-11.20        Coffee

Session Chair: Prof. Doug Philp

11.20-11.50        Invited Talk 6: Prof. Olivia Reinaud (Paris Descartes)

                              Metal ion and biomimetic cavities: from fundamentals to applications

11.50-12.05        Flash Talk 5: Dr. Vanesa Marcos (Manchester)

                              Title Allosteric Initiation and Regulation of Catalysis with a Molecular Knot

12.05-12.50        Plenary Lecture 4: Prof. Harry Anderson FRS (Oxford)

                              Template-Directed Synthesis of π-Conjugated Nanostructures

                                        Sponsored by Nature Chem

12.50-14.15        Lunch and Poster Session 2

Session Chair: Dr. Nick Evans

14.15-14.30        EPSRC update talk: Dr. Eleanor Jaskowska

14.30-15.00        Invited Talk 7: Prof. Jonathan Nitschke (Cambridge)

                              How Does Self-Assembly Work in Groups? Towards an Understanding of Molecular Sociology

15.00-15.30        Invited Talk 8: Prof. Bruce Gibb (Tulane)

                              There’s plenty of room at the bottom… of hydrophobic pockets

15.30-16.00        MASC PhD Gold Award Lecture

16.00-16.20        Coffee

Session Chair: Prof. Peter Tasker

16.20-16.50        Invited Talk 9: Dr. Ross Forgan (Glasgow)

                              Self-Assembly and Modification of Modulated Zr MOFs

16.50-16.55        Poster and Flash Talk Prizes

16.55-17.55        Plenary Lecture 5: Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart FRS (Northwestern)

                              A Look at Life Before and After the Age of 64

                              Sponsored by RSC Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry

17.55                    Closing remarks